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  • 公開日 : 2018/08/26
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◆直径1.75mm スプール加えると約740g

Select ANY colors of ABS, total qty required: 4 boxes, you will get 1 box for free

Method: select any available colors first, then edit your shopping cart, as long as the total qty is FOUR, for example: you select 3 of ABS white and 1 of ABS black, we will send you additional one box of filament once you placed the order

◤UP Fila ABS Filaments from Tiertime are specifically engineered for UP 3D printers. They provide high print quality, are lightweight and strong, are resistant to hot and cold temperatures, feature excellent machinability and finish, good flexibility, are built with a consistent 1.75mm diameter, and are ready for painting and gluing. ABS filaments are also built with industrial strength and are good for making working parts. Each order contains two rolls of filament, each of which weighs 500g.◢

Excellent Strength
Engineered for UP Printers
Consistent Diameter
Low Odor
Ready for Painting and Gluing
Lightweight and strong
Highly resilient, even in cold temperatures
Resistant to high temperatures
Excellent machinability and finish
Good flexibility
Industrial strength, good for working parts
Consistent 1.75mm diameter